Located in Fort Lauderdale, Sheridan Technical High School serves a community of students numbering more than 400.  This school provides its students the opportunity to combine on-line and in-school instruction to meet their goals.


Daily classes operate on an A/B block schedule.  This means that students are enrolled for seven academic classes and one “study hall”.  Periods 1-4 meet on A days, while periods 5-8 meet on B days.  The days alternate and each period lasts approximately 90 minutes.  College prep, career prep and technology courses are among the classes offered.  Their program is unique.

After School Activities

With an active student body, extra curricular activities are an important component to the school.  There are over 20 clubs including an active student government, debate and SECME.

Feeder Schools

As a magnet school students must apply for admission.

For more information on Sheridan Technical High School, please visit their website.

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