Located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Stranahan High School serves a community of students numbering more than 1,400.  Its administration, staff and teachers are committed to providing students with the highest quality education. The school is also home to two of the District’s magnet programs (engineering and medical science) as well as the Urban Teacher Academy.


The school offers a broad range of courses including honors and AP classes.   Additionally, students can dual enroll.

After School Activities

With an active student body, extra curricular activities are an important component to the school’s “personality”.  There are over 15 clubs, including honor societies.    Athletics are also popular at the school.  Known as the Mighty Dragons, student-athletes participate in over ten sport and are supported enthusiastically by the student bod

Feeder Schools

Portions of the student bodies from New River Middle and Parkway Middle Schools feed into Stranahan High School.  Administration and staff at all three schools work closely to ensure that the transition to high school is a smooth one.

For more information on Stranahan High School, please visit their website.

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