Located in on SW 89th Avenue,  Miramar High School is part of the Broward County Public School System and serves over 2,500 students.


The school operates on an A/B  block schedule; meaning students are enrolled for eight classes (seven academic and one “study hall”).  Periods 1-4 meet on A days and 5-8 on B days.  Class length is approximately 90 minutes.

Academic Programs

Mirimar offers its students a broad range of educational opportunities. In addition  to the traditional standard, honors and AP classes, the school offers an IB program and is the District’s Aviation Magnet.   Each year students are accepted to a variety of post secondary institutions.

After School Activities

After school activities are equally as diverse and well-respected.  The students, whose mascot is the Patriot, participate in more than 50 clubs and organizations on campus. including National Honor Society, poetry club and yearbook. Finally, the school  is home to 14 sports  teams at the varsity and junior varsity levels. The student body is extremely well-rounded and involved.

Parental involvement and support is considerable.  The school has an active PTSA as well as SAC and SAF organizations.  Parents play a role in the school’s success by supporting their children both on these committees as well through the activities in which they participate

Feeder Schools

Portions of the  students from New Renaissance Middle School feed into Mirimar High.  The schools work closely together to ensure a smooth transition including academics and activities.

For more information regarding Mirimar High School, visit their website.

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