Located in Weston, Florida, Cypress Bay High School is part of the Broward County Public School System and serves over 4,600 students.  While extremely large, Cypress Bay is ranked as one of the top 10 high schools in the State of Florida.   The School is also accredited by the Southern Association of Secondary Schools.


An “A” rated school, Cypress Bay is well-regarded for the broad range of courses it offers.  Among the available classes are 32 Advanced Placement and 31 AICE.  Both of the programs (AP and AICE) haveextremely strong passing rates, 84% and 90% respectively.    Additionally, students are also permitted to dual enroll and take classes at Broward College.  Ninety-eight percent of the graduating students attend college.  The school has a phenomenal academic reputation.

After School Activities

After school activities are equally as diverse and well-respected.  The students, whose mascot is the Lightening, participate in more than 70 clubs and membership organization on campus, including very active academic honor societies.    Finally, the school  is home to  over 20 sports teams at the varsity and junior varsity levels;  many of which have experienced significant success. The student body is extremely well-rounded and involved.

Parental involvement and support is considerable.  The school has an active PTSA as well as SAC and SAF organizations.  Parents play a role in the school’s success by supporting their children both on these committees as well through the activities in which they participate.

Feeder Schools

Portions of the student bodies from Falcon Cove Middle School and Tequesta Trace Midde school feed into Cypress Bay.  The schools work closely together to ensure a smooth transition including academics and activities.  For additional information on Cypress Bay, please visit their website.

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