When looking for a place to settle in Florida, you can’t go wrong going with Pembroke Pines. Nestled on the southern tip of Florida in Broward County, it enjoys a population of more than 164, 626 and steadily growing year by year. You may be wondering what this modest city offers.

As expected from Florida weather, Pembroke Pines’ residents enjoy plenty of warm, sunny days. With the highest average monthly temperature being 84 and the lowest average temperature at 68, you won’t be needing your winter coat often, if at all. There’s still plenty of rain, however, with the most normally happening in June with an average of 8.4 inches of rain.

The city enjoys a low crime rate and a higher than average median household income of $61,539. The median home selling price is around $202,800. With all of that, you’ll also be living in a beautiful city. Residents enjoy the tree lined streets and ponds, which are a common sight. Another benefit is that the ocean is not very far to the east.

Pembroke Pines is a safe, fun place with plenty of educational options. If you have a young child that would be in K through 5th grade, they can go to the well-ranked City of Pembroke Pines Charter. There are two dozen public school options to choose from, as well as 6 private schools. The testing average in Pemboke Pines is higher than the Florida average.

Of course, we have to mention that there are plenty of amenities in Pembroke Pines. There’s a nice selection of grocery stores and restaurants, but you’ll also find art galleries, a large bookstore, and your pick of gyms if you’d like to work out.

If you’d like to enjoy the great outdoors instead, Pembroke Pines has Grand Palms Golf & Country Club. Another fun outing option is the C.B. Smith Water Park.

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