With an enrollment in excess of 2,400 students, Coral Glades High School is located in Coral Springs, Florida.  Administration and staff are dedicated to helping all students succeed.  The school continuously evaluates their program and class offerings and makes changes as the environment requires.


In addition to a broad range of general education, honors and AP classes, Coral Glades is home to the Cambridge Innovation Program (in which students can earn college credits) in addition to an AICE diploma.  The school also offers the opportunity to dual enroll as well as take career and technical courses.   As in much of the district, an A/B block schedule is in effect.  Students enroll in eight classes (seven academic and one “study hall”).  On A days periods 1-4 meet for approximately 90 minutes.  On B days students visit periods 5-8.

After School Activities

Of course a school of this size would offer a broad range of extra curricular activities.  Coral Glades hosts over 50 after school clubs and honor societies including student government, debate, DECA and National Honor Society.  Athletics are well regarded as well.  Student-athletes, known as the Jaguars, compete in over 15 sports on the varsity and junior varsity levels.

Parental involvement is encouraged by administration who urge parents to become involved through the school’s PTSO, SAC and SAF committees.

Feeder Schools

Students feed into Coral Glades from both Coral Springs and Sawgrass Springs middle schools.  Administration and staff of all schools work closely to ensure a smooth and knowledgeable transition.

For additional information on Coral Glades High School, please visit their website.

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