Located in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida, Boyd Anderson High School is part of the Broward County Public School System and serves over 1,900 students.


The school operates on an A/B (Orange and Black) block schedule, meaning students are enrolled for 8 classes (7 academic and one “study hall”).  Periods 1-4 meet on A/Orange days and 5-8 on B/Black days.  Class length is approximately 90 minutes.

Academic Programs

Boyd Anderson is well-regarded for its special programs.  The school offers an IB (International Baccalaureate) Program which includes the Middle Years Program, the Career-related Program and the Degree Program.  There is also a Health and Wellness Program. Graduates of this program have the opportunity to move on to a secondary program which would offer training to become a paramedic or firefighter.   Additionally,  a culinary program is also an option. Finally, there exists a program called AVID (Advanced Via Individualized Determination) which provides students continuous personal and academic support to help them achieve all of their goals.    Students have the opportunity to dual enroll at either Broward College or Florida International University (FIU).

After School Activities

After school activities at Boyd Anderson High School are well-respected.  The students, whose mascot is the Cobra, participate in many clubs and organizations on campus including HOSA, drama, yearbook and debate, among others. Finally, the school  is home to  over 10 varsity sports  teams,  many of which have experienced significant success.

Boyd Anderson In The News

Boyd Anderson’s administration and staff are proud of the accomplishments of their students and work hard daily to help them succeed.  Recently, NBC6 highlighted the school on their evening news.


Feeder Schools

Portions of the student bodies  from William Dandy Middle School, Lauderale Lakes Middle School, Lauderhill 6-12 Middle School and Silver Lakes Middle School feed into Boyd Anderson.  The schools work closely together to ensure a smooth transition including academics and activities.
For more information regarding Boyd Anderson, visit their website.

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