New Year’s Eve in South Florida

New Year’s Eve in South Florida is always a celebration. If you haven’t yet decided how you are going to spend the holiday, it’s time to make some plans! We have shared some of the most popular options and some of our favorites below.

Real Estate Terms – All You Need to Know

Real estate terms can be confusing; there are so many of them. However, if you are looking to enter into a real estate transaction, it is important to understand their meanings. We have shared a list of terms that will help you comprehend the real estate process. For information specific to your circumstances, call The Wilson Group at 954-818-6092!

Holiday Events in South Florida

There are so many holiday events in South Florida! The weather is finally changing – temperatures dropped into the 70s and Thanksgiving is over. Now we can officially begin to make our plans for the upcoming holiday season. Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s Eve – we love this time of year!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018

While Thanksgiving is the traditional American Holiday – one which we love – we have to admit, we cannot wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 promise to be HUGE shopping days!  For many, these days signify the start of the holiday season.  We all know there are deals to be had.  Keep reading to learn more!

South Florida Golf Courses

As the weather cools down and we welcome fall, consider playing a round of golf on one of Broward’s beautiful golf courses. Golf provides you the opportunity to enjoy the lovely weather and squeeze in some exercise. While it may not seem like you exert a lot of energy during a round of golf, let us assure you — you do! For extra exercise, consider walking the course rather than using a cart. That said, walking or riding, golf is beyond popular here. Read on to learn more about golf courses in South Florida.

Property Tax in Broward County

Broward County, which has one of the fastest growth rates in the nation, has a property tax roll value that is larger than many states. In 2018, the county had over 1.935 million residents with 22,550 sales of single family homes and 15,966 condo sales. That’s a LOT of activity. You can imagine how much work the property appraiser’s office must do each year. In fact, 850,000 tax bills are mailed on November 1st for the current calendar year (taxes are paid in arrears). 

How to Buy a Home with a Real Estate Agent

Couple and Real Estate Agent

When you are buying a house, you want to make sure that you get the best deal on the investment without compromising on your needs. Going through the home buying process without a real estate agent can cost you time and money. Let’s take a closet look at how to buy a house with a … Continued

Staging Your Home to Sell

staging, curb appeal

Today’s internet access makes seeing homes that are on the market easier than ever before. Without leaving the comfort of your living room, you can check out the inside of homes across the nation. Consider that for a moment. That’s right. Your home is going to be listed alongside other homes with similar features. Now, … Continued

Halloween Events in South Florida

Can you believe Halloween is almost here? If you’re anything like me, you want to take advantage of all of the Halloween Events in South Florida. 2018 is a busy year!! Check out our lists below for some ideas. Don’t forget to click the links below each activity to get more information on the locations and learn of any changes in details.

Best places to have brunch in South Florida

Ahhhh, brunch! Simply hearing the question “want to have Sunday Brunch?” makes us smile and look forward to the weekend. Understandably brunch in South Florida, a combination of breakfast and lunch; usually eaten mid morning and quite often with an adult beverage is, quite honestly, one of the best plans to have for the weekend.

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